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Hackathon Team Matcher

Struggling to assign team members? Our Hackathon Team Matcher simplifies the process effortlessly.

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Unlock Seamless Team Matching for Your Hackathon

Simplify your team assembly process with our Free Hackathon Team Matcher. Elevate your hackathon experience with efficient team matching.

Just input your participants and project details, then click 'Assign', and voilà, your teams are ready to excel in your hackathon!

You can match teams for up to 3 hackathons for free within a 24-hour window. Need more? Sign up for a free account on Hackathon Camp, and you can match unlimited teams without any charges. It is a promise – truly free! 🤞

For larger hackathons or specialized automation needs, do not hesitate to reach out to us at hackathoncamp@gmail.com. We are here to help you make your hackathon unforgettable!

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Planning a hackathon?

Harness the power of Hackathon Camp to maximize your execution time and minimize planning efforts. On average, Hackathon Camp slashes hackathon organization time by an impressive 73%.

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Elevate Team Matching for Your Hackathon

Unleash the power of efficient team matching for your hackathon with our Free Hackathon Team Matcher. Discover a wealth of matching possibilities tailored for your event, ensuring your participants excel with the right teams.

No Technical Expertise Needed

Whether you are a seasoned hackathon organizer or just getting started, our user-friendly tool simplifies the team matching process. You do not require specialized technical skills to create perfectly matched teams that make your hackathon memorable.

Match Teams for Free

Experience the freedom of team matching at no cost and without any sign-ups. Our tool empowers you to create perfect teams effortlessly, whether from your computer, iPad, or iPhone, at your convenience.

Enhance your hackathon experience with seamlessly matched teams that make a lasting impact. Try the Hackathon Team Matcher today and take your event to the next level!

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