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The smooth way of team formation

Finding the right team for employees is difficult. We provide clever team matching: You can let your employees choose the preferred projects they would like to join. And our algorithm will match the participants to the projects. 100% automated. The assignments can be customized manually later as well!
Plan hackathon with automated team matching
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No more Google Forms and Google Sheets

With hackathon.camp, you can let your employees decide which hackathon projects they want to join. Our platform will optimize the team matching process, but still gives you all the power to assign participants yourself.

Select your preferences

After the submission of project ideas, your employees have the chance to enter their project preferences.

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Power to your employees

Your employees can order projects by their preference. Let them select what they want to work on during the hackathon.

Save 90% of your time setting up forms

Instead of collecting project preferences with a Google Form and assigning team members to projects in a Google Sheet, you can use our platform and save over 90% of your time.

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Automatic project assignments

Based on project preferences, hackathon.camp assigns different participants to the hackathon projects. Optimized that everyone is happy with the projects they join.

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99% automation

With our pre-defined forms for project collection and project preferences and our intelligent algorithm to match participants to the best-fitting project for them, you can save multiple hours of work doing this by hand.

Diverse teams

Our algorithm favors diverse teams, from profession over to other factors. No teams full of engineers, or full of product owners. We prefer that different professions work together to ship an amazing project during the hackathon.

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The #1 hackathon management platform

We are here to set up your company's next hackathon

Enjoy the industry's best project assignment algorithm. It is ideal to plan hackathons and let employees decide which projects they want to work on.

Start team matching

Manual project assignments

hackathon.camp gives you all the power to assign participants to the projects manually. Never lose control of your hackathon.

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Organizer in control

Hackathon organizers and organization admins can change the projects on the fly before the hackathon.

A nice user interface

The simple drag-and-drop user interface for you to organize teams in case of sudden changes. Drag-and-drop participants to other projects and teams.

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