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April 13, 2023

Tech Downturn: Organize an Efficiency Hackathon

Kevin Peters

Founder of hackathon.camp

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Economic downturns do not spare the technology sector. Since 2022, the industry has been experiencing a downturn that has led to layoffs and pressure on businesses to cut expenses in order to turn a profit. Although layoffs are one method of cutting costs, businesses have other options to accomplish the same goal. The organization of an efficiency hackathon is one of these levers. We will discuss the benefits of organizing an efficiency hackathon as well as the steps involved in this blog post.

Why Organize an Efficiency Hackathon?

A collaborative event called an efficiency hackathon brings together participants to find and put into action cost-saving strategies. It is a successful method for cutting costs quickly, involving staff in the process, and enhancing the bottom line of the business. Here are some justifications for holding an efficiency hackathon.

Cost Savings

Saving money is one of the main motives for tech companies to host an efficiency hackathon. Finding ways to work more effectively and cheaply is critical in the competitive business environment of today. Companies can identify inefficiencies and find ways to streamline processes, reduce waste, and cut costs by bringing together employees from various departments and levels.

Teams can work on various cost-cutting projects during an efficiency hackathon. For instance, they can identify and get rid of platforms and tools that the company doesn't need, which can lower the cost of software licensing and maintenance. By locating underutilized or unused resources, the team can work on optimizing cloud usage to cut costs, which can result in sizable savings.

Employee Engagement

An effective way to involve staff and promote an innovative culture is through an efficiency hackathon. When their suggestions are taken into account and put into practice, employees will feel valued and appreciated, which will boost motivation and productivity.


At an efficiency hackathon, workers from various levels and departments come together. It gives them a chance to socialize and network, which makes the workforce more unified and cooperative.

Public Relations

An efficiency hackathon can boost brand awareness for your business. It demonstrates your company's dedication to cutting costs and boosting productivity, which can enhance your standing in the sector.

How to Organize an Efficiency Hackathon?

Now that you are aware of the advantages of holding an efficiency hackathon, let's look at the procedures involved.

How to organize an efficiency hackathon
How to organize an efficiency hackathon

Set Goals

Setting specific goals is the first step in organizing an efficiency hackathon. Define the hackathon's goals, the areas you want to concentrate on, and the anticipated results.

Form a Team

Create a team to plan and manage the hackathon next. To ensure that every aspect of the business is covered, the team should include members from various departments.

Plan the Agenda

Set the hackathon's schedule in advance. It ought to allow for time for brainstorming, teamwork, and implementation. Make sure to provide breaks and refreshments.

Invite Participants

Invite staff members from various departments and levels to the hackathon. Describe the event's aims, objectives, and anticipated results. Promote participation and make sure everyone understands the significance of the hackathon. We offer templates for the invitation. Give resources and tools: Give the hackathon the resources and tools it needs. This may include the tools needed for ideation, teamwork, and implementation, such as software, hardware, and other resources.

Evaluate and Implement Ideas

Prioritize the ideas created during the hackathon based on their viability and potential impact. Take action on the concepts that are practical and can result in significant cost savings.


Follow up with participants and share the hackathon's results. Comment on the ideas put into practice and acknowledge the participants' contributions.

5 Project Ideas for Your Efficiency Hackathon

Teams can collaborate to find opportunities for the business to save money and increase efficiency during a hackathon. We will look at five project ideas in this article that your team can work on during your efficiency hackathon.

Removing the usage of a platform the company is using to reduce spending

To support their operations, many tech companies rely on a wide range of platforms and tools. These tools can be costly, so getting rid of any unnecessary ones can help cut costs. To cut costs, your team could focus on locating and eliminating any platforms or tools that are not necessary.

Removal of old datasets

AWS logo and S3 logo
AWS logo and S3 logo

For many tech companies, data storage can be a significant expense, especially if they are keeping large amounts of data that they are not currently using. To cut costs, your team could focus on locating and removing any outdated or unused datasets from servers or file storage platforms like S3.

Optimize Spark pipelines to reduce spending on servers

Spark logo
Spark logo

Many tech companies use the well-known big data processing engine Apache Spark. It can be resource-intensive, though, which can result in expensive server costs. Your team could focus on streamlining the Spark pipelines used by your business to save money on server costs and reduce resource consumption.

AWS cost explorer

Screenshot of the AWS cost explorer interface
Screenshot of the AWS cost explorer interface

You can use AWS Cost Explorer to find out which parts of your company are costing you the most money. Using this tool, your team could determine which areas of your company are the most expensive and focus on cutting costs there.

Automate manual processes to reduce employee costs

Many businesses still use time- and money-consuming manual processes. To cut costs and boost efficiency, your team could focus on finding any manual processes that can be automated.

Use hackathon.camp to Organize an Efficiency Hackathon

An efficiency hackathon can be difficult to plan. Because of this, we created hackathon.camp, a platform that makes it simple and quick to organize a hackathon. From planning to execution, hackathon.camp is your one-stop shop for all things hackathon. The following are some of hackathon.camp's features.

A hackathon's preparation can be a difficult task that calls for careful planning and coordination. Managing all of the event's activities is one of the biggest difficulties organizers encounter. Fortunately, there are tools like hackathon.camp that can make organizing hackathons for businesses easier.

Screenshot of the hackathon.camp platform
Screenshot of the hackathon.camp platform

The ability to customize templates is one of hackathon.camp's key features. Organizations can customize the event using these templates to meet their unique goals and objectives. Organizations can have a more structured approach to ideation, prototyping, and project management by offering various templates based on the type of event. Because the hackathon can be planned and organized without having to start from scratch, this feature saves time and effort.

The collaborative workspace, which offers a place for participants to ideate, collaborate, and implement their ideas, is another essential component of hackathon.camp. Real-time collaboration, document sharing, and project management tools are just a few of the features in this workspace that make the ideation and project development processes easier. The workspace promotes collaboration, skill sharing, and the generation of original ideas to address business challenges.

Additionally, hackathon.camp offers tools for idea management that make it simple for organizers to control the ideation process. The use of these tools, which include idea submission, voting, and evaluation, enables planners to give priority to the best ideas. This feature increases the likelihood of successful outcomes by ensuring that the most promising ideas are chosen for further development.

hackathon.camp provides project management tools to track the development of ideas and make sure they are implemented on time and within budget. Project management is a crucial component of hackathon organization. Using these tools, project managers can keep tabs on project milestones, manage projects, and communicate with teams to make sure everyone is on the same page. This function makes sure that the hackathon runs smoothly and that projects stay on course.

Finally, hackathon.camp offers analytics and reporting tools to monitor the effects of ideas put into action and assess the hackathon's success. These tools offer perceptions into how well the occasion performed and how well the ideas put into practice. The effectiveness of the event can be increased by using this data to inform decisions about upcoming hackathons.

Platforms like hackathon.camp offer crucial features and tools that can assist organizations in organizing, planning, and running successful hackathons. These features consist of editable templates, group workspaces, tools for managing ideas and projects, as well as analytics and reporting tools. Organizations can streamline the hackathon procedure and improve their chances of success by using these tools.


In conclusion, there is a downturn in the technology sector, and businesses are under pressure to cut expenses and turn a profit. An efficient way to find and quickly implement cost-saving measures is to host an efficiency hackathon. An efficiency hackathon can motivate staff, promote an innovative work environment, and boost revenue. To quickly and easily plan and put together an efficiency hackathon, use hackathon.camp.


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